ANGSANAcare Annual Report


A brief report of  the year  is contained below.

The activities conducted in the second year of ANGSANAcare’s life continue the foundations laid in the ‘kick-off’ year, of providing holistic therapies  for children, and counselling and psychological therapy to both children and their care-givers.

For reasons of patient confidentiality, it is not possible  to disclose identities. However, we will  try to bring some sense of the effect to the children they serve, of the kind donations from our donors and supporters.


We currently utilise the services of 3 psycho-therapists/psychologists. The third therapist was brought in from May 2016.

The focus of the service provided is fundamentally, by way of art, music and play therapies to these special children.  The nature of the support can extend to include the child’s care-giver(s), who could be the parent(s), grand-parents or a relative. In the course of attending to the child , the therapist will also attend to the care-giver if their need for support becomes evident in the course of the interaction with the therapist. The support given to the care-giver is in the nature of  counselling, sometimes just listening, sometimes to help by giving  them tools to bear the cross of caring for a child in palliative care which can be immensely taxing.

It is not possible to set down every case history here, although every patient is special to ANGSANAcare.  Some leave an even greater impact, as the patient  cannot even move. As an illustration of the service given, is the case of a hypotonic child (in a state of abnormally low muscle tone.) who was bedridden and not generally responsive.  After the therapist played on the ukulele for the child, he opened his eyes and lifted his head towards the therapist.

In terms of scheduling, each therapist provides 6 hours of therapy every week on week days. The selection of patients is done by the doctors of the Paediatric Institute in HKL who are best placed to assess the needs of the paediatric patient.

The duration of each session, although supposed to be an hour,  cannot always be fixed as it is in response to the child’s needs.

In our year and a half of service within HKL, we have provided 800 hours of professional therapy!

Fulfilment of wishes

A smaller focus is the fulfilment of wishes as a  strategy to motivate the child to cooperate with the necessary medical interventions. One such instance in July 2016 was when  the patient  was refusing to get up after chemotherapy. Physiotherapy was prescribed for his recovery but he had lost the will to live.  The therapist found out that his biggest dream was to get on to a plane, which ANGSANAcare arranged, thereafter the patient was more cooperative and eventually went home.

Patient activities

Additional activities were introduced in 2016: one was a Virtual Reality trip to a Dinosaur park for kids.  The other was a craft kit that was given to them to colour and then create animals and creatures.  Both were donated by


Apart from seeking for direct cash donations, in 2016 ANGSANAcare was  involved in the following fund-raising activities using different models:

  • A calendar was launched featuring the art works of our children, funded by AmMetLife;
  • A sum of RM100,000 was raised from ticket sales for the premier of Dr Strange: costs were fully sponsored by Brickfields Asia College;
  • A member, Datin Jamuna, raised RM11,000/- by ticket sales for a movie ‘Ghostbusters’; costs were fully sponsored by Brickfields Asia College.


The most rewarding moment is paradoxically, when the therapist or volunteer walks in to hospital to find the patient is no longer available. This is always heart-rending  though generally  inevitable by the nature of their condition. At that point, one realises that at the very least, it was possible to touch the quality of the paediatric patient’s oppressed, sometimes permanently hospitalised and very brief lives, while it still counted.

We close this report by extending our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported ANGSANAcare whether by donations, time, ideas, and in every other way. It is this support which enables the work that we do.

Chair’s Speech at AGM

ANGSANAcare has completed 2 years of service!

I am proud to report that we have kept our heads down this last year and worked really, really hard, albeit, to do the same things we have been doing all along – giving mental and emotional support to the children that we work with and to their families.

The doctors are happy with our work and continue to refer children to our care, regularly.

This coming year, we plan on providing more counselling for the parents of the patient, as we find that this helps to keep the families intact and stable through this dire period. We are also creating a CSR programme, that allows people to tele counsel these parents.  Sometimes, all they need is an ear.

Datin Jamuna, who is sitting here amongst us, was singlehandedly responsible for raising RM11,000 in June last year. Thank you Jamuna!

CIMB Foundation very kindly, sponsored a training programme for us with Dr Sue Jennings in Neuro Dramatic Play Therapy.  Besides our team at ANGSANAcare, the workshop was attended by 5 specialist doctors from GHKL and 3 nurses.  Everyone left feeling better armed with new tools to deal with our children in Palliative Care. We are in the process of arranging another training workshop for 2017.  It is my fervent hope that the CIMB Foundation will support us again.

Last year, we again raised RM100,000 through the screening of Dr Strange.  We managed this same success for SPECTRE the year before too and this is all credit to BAC and the Make It Right Movement.  They hosted the entire event and ran all the back-up programmes for us. Thank you so much Mr. Rajasingham. Your generosity has taken us to this point where we are proudly 2 years old and kicking! Thank you too, to Brian, Thana, Ranjaniy, Luke, JC, Carrot and Eli.  You have all been of huge support and I appreciate how tolerant you are with our constant needs.

Lina Tan, a well-known Malaysian movie producer, is currently working on a film that will be called Wanita Terakhir and will feature Fattah Amin and an actress who plays his mother, who also volunteers with ANGSANAcare. She will be shown wearing our new T shirt that is currently being designed by the Make It Right Movement too!

We have been happily surprised this year by Corporates and Donors who selected us as the recipients for their generosity.  Thank you to MetLife Asia, Nordic Walk UK Malaysia, AIA, AmMetLife for the calendars that you created for us and sold, Suria KLCC, Livescape, Aviyal Golf Tournament and the wonderful Staff of Shell Malaysia.

In September,  we will have another interesting fund raiser.  Mr. Rajeev Peshawaria of ICLIF will be running a workshop on Leadership for young people between ages 17 and 22.  He is the author of 2 books and has extensive global experience in leadership development. He has offered to run this workshop for us to raise more money for the year.  Yes, exciting times indeed!

Our donors have demonstrated the importance of giving. When we look at the children that we serve, we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that their generosity has made a difference.

And now I humbly thank our ANGSANAcare Volunteers, who are mostly our Committee members, and some who work in the hospital as well.  There are a couple of them who wear both hats!

When I think of volunteers I think of time and values.  In our lives, one thing we cannot create, buy or even borrow, is time.  We have a limited amount of it for sleep, work, family and for our own interests.  And some of the strongest values, service and sacrifice are shown when one places the needs of another above their own.  The true volunteer chooses to give up their personal time and energy and expend it to help others.

So, your time is as appreciated and even more valued as the donations that we receive to run ANGSANAcare.  Without each one of you, we would be nothing.

Today is a day to remind all of you just how much your efforts are appreciated.  It is my pleasure to formally express my gratitude to all our ANGSANAcare volunteers and Committee Members.

Lastly, I’d like to mention Carly Cole, one of our Core team, who had to suddenly return to the UK, due to a personal tragedy.  We all miss Carly.  The children in the hospital miss her too.  Although she didn’t speak a word of Bahasa, she was the Pied Piper of the Paediatric Institute.  I’m sure she’s bringing joy to all around her in England.


Thank you all for joining us this evening.  It’s precious time and I appreciate your giving it to us.